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 Tracey Yoga

A variety of classes taught with a happy playfulness and zest for life. Drawing on her years of experience and passion for teaching yoga. The beginners classes will welcome those new to this ancient art and together we will learn.
Else classes will be a mixture of hatha sunshine and vinyasa flow.

Hatha  Yoga

This class is suitable for those new to yoga or those looking for a gentle yoga class. In this slower paced class you will learn the basic yoga postures and breathing techniques while strengthening your body and increasing mobility. the class will close with a long relaxation to help bring about a greater sense of clam, reduce stress and anxiety. Props can be used for additional support and focus.

  Hatha Flow 

A hatha flow yoga class with plenty of options and variations to accommodate different levels of ability. In this flowing class we will consciously link the breath and body to calm the mind and strengthen the body. The class will close with a relaxation practice.

  Vinyasa Flow

'Vinyasa' means 'placing with awareness'. A more challenging and faster placed flow class synchronizing the breath and movement as you flow through the postures. These classes bring together different styles of yoga and the practice of inversions. Expect to build strength and flexibility and leave feeling energized.


A core based class working with posture, alignment and small muscle health to promote a healthy centre to support the spine.

Chair yoga

The practice of yoga is renowned for its ability to help heal the body and relax the mind but often as we age or after illness or major surgery we feel that it is difficult to stay physically active. Chair yoga is an effective way to stay active and mobile, reduce stress and remain healthy. Anyone can take part in chair yoga, regardless of any physical limitations as all of the poses can be completed while sitting or standing using the chair for balance. Each class will be designed to meet the abilities and needs of the participants

Yoga stretches and meditation

This is 45 minutes of letting go of stress and activity to explore the mindful possibilities of yoga. This new approach is suitable for anyone new to yoga or wanting to relax through awareness during the day.
The class is free!

  Mindfulness, meditation and movement

Brand new group classes where we can learn to meditate together and find those moments of calmness and peace. Suitable for all.

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