Our Classes

Yoga & Meditation

Yoga originates from the Sanskrit word ‘yuj’ which loosely translates to yoke, harness, or unite, and its central aim is to unite the mind, body and spirit through physical, mental and spiritual practices.

Through the ancient discipline of yoga, our classes focus on strength, flexibility and breathing to enhance your physical and mental health.

A gentle stretch class aimed at increasing flexibility and mobility. Perfect for beginners or those who just love a good stretch!

A more dynamic style of yoga, connecting breath to movement in a continuous flow. Suitable for those who have practiced before.

In Yin yoga we hold postures with our muscles relaxed, placing the “stress” on our plastic, connective tissues and joint capsules. This practice re-hydrates the tissues and promotes joint health. Whether you are an athlete, suffer from arthritis or anything in between, Yin is great for everyone.

Using Aerial Silks suspended from the ceiling to invert, twist, turn and snooze cocooned within these hammocks.

The practice of learning from within oneself. From concentration to contemplation. Using breath work and mindfulness to relax and de-stress. Suitable for all.

Not just a yoga studio

We also offer classes in the following:


Pilates focuses on strengthening and stabilising the body from the core. Improving posture, flexibility, general fitness and wellbeing.

Pilates Barre

Pilates and ballet conditioning exercises at a barre! No ‘Billy Elliot’ experience required in this fun workout to music. Strengthen and tone the whole body!

Qi Gong and Tai Chi

Tai Chi and Qigong both cultivate the energy that is the essence of life that flows through pathways within the body, by combining movement, breathing and meditation. Practitioners benefit from improved fitness, wellbeing and health, and spiritual growth.